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Tuesday, March 06, 2007



Many many months ago I wrote about my quest to start with a blank sheet, politically speaking. I wanted to start anew, without preconceptions. To read the views of the right and the left and try to learn afresh. And I have. I haved read and read and commented and commented and (occasionally) posted. I have seen, I think, the best and worst that British political blogging has to offer.

But I have to tell you this - I am tired of the whole fucking thing. It has been nigh on impossible to find openmindedness and honesty. God forbid that I should wish to tease out some non-dogmatic explanations for things. Harder than blood from a stone. And any respect? Forget that! People seem to be pathologically incapable of seeing past their own oh-so-certain convictions and prejudices, and utterly unable to see anything from any other view point than their own myopic tunnel vision. And I've had enough enough enough enough.

I've had enough of lefties calling conservatives evil, when I have known good and decent conservatives. I've had enough of righties calling socialists stupid, when I have known intelligence socialists. I've had enough of the whole macho, dick-swinging, name-calling charade that calls itself "political debate" in the blogosphere.

The final straw on this particular camel's back was the minor storm in a tea cup that was an accidental announcement of the death of Margaret Thatcher on a blog-that-shall-not-be-named. Naturally, it turned out to be a windup and the pathetic excuse for a fallout that has followed has been more excuse than I ever needed to stop sullying my eyes and minds with this crud. From the right wing shouts of glee at catching a leftie in a silly (though honest) mistake, to the left wing widespread dancing on the (not yet filled) grave of Maggie - the whole thing has left me feeling... grubby.

Some pearls of my oh-so-humble-wisdom:

- it's really not that big a deal if someone gets something wrong on a blog. Spinning this into a left wing conspiracy/indication of the stupidity of the left is grasping at some seriously small straws. It's petulent and ugly. It's pettiness of the worse kind. And really, if this is the thing that gets you excited the most, then you have a tiny tiny mind;

- talk of dance floors and urinals over the grave of another human being is just nasty. You're sounding like the people that hang around outside US prisons cheering when someone's just been executed, and I really don't think you want to be in the same club as those drooling, bloodthirsty lunatics.

This whole sad, sordid episode has just crystallised everything I've been thinking and feeling. So well done guys - you wanted to be the alternative to the MSM, but unfortunately you've just turned out to be a watered-down, typo strewn version of the same thing. You're not revolutionary any more, you've just been sucked into the same quagmire.

I saw it written somewhere once that we get the politicians we deserve, and you lot have got exactly that. It's a positive feedback of crap, endlessly feeding itself with its own excrement. And I have better things to do than wallow in the filth.

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If RM pulls the post and apologises he could have put the issue to bed (albeit losing a bit of face). This is a glimpse of how some people will react on Thatcher's death. Ugly, I agree, but is that a reason for you to disengage completely? Many political bloggers are entrenched in their views - that's a fact. Is that a reason for you to walk away? If it is, that is a pity.
How To Miss The Point In One Easy Lesson By Praguetory
I agree with your post, and it's the main reason I haven't voted in any election since I was at Oxford - I won't vote unless I can summon up a bit of enthusiasm either for the party or for the candidate - both would be too much to hope for. The only time I mildly wanted to vote for the party, the local candidate (who had an enormous majority) was so desperately dreadful I couldn't bring myself to it.

And it's got worse since the internet, since it's not just official journalists who can churn out unresearched unreflective self-contradictory vituperative drivel.

American politics seems to be even worse.
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